Chart Examples


Learning to read well is an important skill when it comes to recording, especially for horn and string players. However, there may be times when you are sent a demo recording of the song and no chart. Many, many rhythm section sessions are run this way. It is important for everyone involved in studio recording […]

Chicago PD


The May 6, 2015 Episode of the NBC Series Chicago PD featured “Killin Time” an original song by Crit Harmon. The song is performed by Americana artist Tim Gearan.

Music MacGyver-Stomp Box Ball Game Audio

McGyver Radio

Watch the Game on TV, but Listen on the Radio! I’m a Red Sox fan. Not rabid about it, I just enjoy having the game on in the background during spring and summer weather. I happen to prefer the radio broadcast team over the local television announcers, and I’d really rather listen to the local […]

Kerri Powers

Kerri Powers

Vibey Americana and Alternative Country Artist Kerri Powers

The Young and the Restless


The February 10, 2015 episode of the CBS Series The Young and the Restless features “Diamond Day” an original song by Crit Harmon and Kerri Powers from Kerris’ “Faith in the Shadows” CD.



The February 3, 2015 Episode of the FX Series “Justified” features “Tenderly” an original song by Crit Harmon and Brad Hatfield. The song is performed by Americana artist Kerri Powers.

Agent Carter


The January 7 premier of the new ABC Series “Agent Carter” featured Crit’s original song “Atlantic City Blues”, a cowrite with UK composer/arranger David Tobin.

Introduction to DIY Recording Tips for Singer Songwriters

DIY Recording Logo

Many of my outside production projects these days involve at least some of the tracks being recorded by the artists themselves at home. I’ve written these DIY articles to help bridge the gap between home recording and the professional studio. These articles are designed to be fairly basic and not too technical. In depth information […]

NCIS:New Orleans


Crit’s original song “House on Fire” was featured on the new CBS series “NCIS:New Orleans” on September 30, 2014.