NCIS:New Orleans


Crit’s original song “House on Fire” was featured on the new CBS series “NCIS:New Orleans” on September 30, 2014.

Finding Mabel

Finding Mabel

FINDING MABEL Crit wrote original  music for the new documentary “Finding Mabel”. Finding Mabel is a gripping documentary that follows a young woman’s journey to Argentina, to piece together the enigmatic disappearance of the woman she was named after, one of the 30,000 people who disappeared during Argentina’s last military dictatorship. Cathleen Flynn was the […]

37: A Final Promise

37: A Final Promise image

37: A Final Promise a new movie directed by and starring Randall Batinkoff was recently released and features custom music by Crit Harmon. Cathleen Flynn was the Music Supervisor and wrote much of the score along with Francesco Rivera and others. The band Dark Chapter has music peppered throughout as they are the music of […]

Marissa Licata “Games of Thrones” Video


Marissa Licata recently completed a new video featuring her take on the “Game of Thrones” theme. Ms. Licata has collaborated on projects and performed on national and international tours with Alicia Keys, Ben Harper, Ringo Starr, Dave Stewart of Eurythmics, Gloria Estefan, Pras of the Fugees, Jermaine Paul, Elle Varner, Gaby Wilson, and many more. Crit […]

Crit teaching Berklee online course “Songwriting for Film and Television”


Crit is teaching the Berklee College of Music online course “Songwriting for Film and Television” for the Spring Semester. The course covers a wide range of topics including writing on demand, writing for music libraries and song catalogs, song arrangement for background usage, production budgeting, collaborating and exchanging files online, negotiating placement fees, and publishing […]

“Upper Crust” song chosen as theme for American Daredevils

American Daredevils TV show

The Boston based band “The Upper Crust” wrote the theme song for the History Channels new series “American Daredevils”. Both versions of the song “Riding Wild”, the show open and the full length ITUNES version were edited and mixed by Crit Harmon and The Upper Crust. The song is is also available for download on […]

Meg Hutchinson “Beyond That”

Meg Hutchinson Beyond That CD

Meg Hutchinsons new CD “Beyond That” on Red House Records was officially released on September 24, 2013. “Beyond That” features an entirely new sonic approach to Megs music with Meg playing piano instead of guitar as her primary instrument. “Beyond That” was mixed by Crit Harmon;