2007 Boston Music Awards Winner-Best Producer
2013 Nashville Songwriters Association Grand Prize Lyric Winner
2011 International Songwriting Competition
1st Place Lyrics Only Category
2011 Great American Song Contest Ist Place Americana Category
2011 USA Songwriting competition
1st Place in Lyrics Category

Partial TV/Film Credits:
Chicago PD, Justified, NCIS, NCIS New Orleans, Rescue Me, Agent Carter.

Partial Discography
Martin Sexton “Black Sheep” Produce/Engineer
Martin Sexton “Wonderbar” Engineer/Mix
Martin Sexton “Camp Holiday” Engineer/Mix
Martin Sexton “Seeds” Produce/Engineer
Martin Sexton “Sugarcoating” Produce/Engineer
Meg Hutchinson “The Crossing” Produce/Engineer
Meg Hutchinson “Come Up Full” Produce/Engineer
Meg Hutchinson “The Living Side” Produce/Engineer
Meg Hutchinson “Beyond That” Produce/EngineerJohn Sheldon “No Brakes” Produce/Engineer
Susan Werner “I Can’t Be New” Produce/Engineer
Susan Werner “Classics” Produce/Engineer
Susan Werner “Hayseed” Produce/EngineerCaroline Aiken “Unshaken” Produce/Engineer
Mary Gauthier “Dixie Kitchen” Produce/Engineer/Mix
Mary Gauthier “Drag Queens In Limousines” Produce/Engineer/Mix
Lori McKenna “Pieces of Me” Producer/Engineer/Mix
Kerri Powers “You Me and a Red Head” Produce/Engineer/Mix
Kerri Powers “Faith in the Shadows” Produce/Engineer
The Rafters-“Departing” Produce/Engineer
Lisa Yves-“Jazzy Little Soul” Produce/Engineer
Ed Romanoff “Ed Romanoff” Produce/Engineer
Edie Carey “Another Kind of Fire” Produce/Engineer
Fordham Wilkes “From the Earth Below” Co-Produce/Engineer/Mix
Fordham Wilkes “People in the Sun” Co-Produce/Engineer/Mix
Fordham Wilkes “Upstream” Co-Produce/Engineer/Mix
Tim Gearan “Trouble Wheels” Mix
Jess Klein “Wishes Well Disguised” Produce/Engineer
Kate Klim “Up and Down and Up Again” Produce/Engineer
Matt Lowell “Second Storm EP” Produce/Engineer
Leo Miguel “Sob o luar” Produce/Engineer
Jonathan Pointer “Love Songs from the Outskirts of Bliss” Produce/Engineer/Mix
John Troy “Just When I thought I Was Done” Produce/Engineer